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Bangtan Boys, EXO and Got7 merchandise

If you're looking for a cool merchandise of your favorite groups then you stumbled upon a great website. We will present you some things that you will certainly like. There are many unique categories. And we will show it to you.

EXO Milk Memo

If you're confused looking at it then you have the right to do it. But it's not a carton of milk. It's not what you've expected.It's just a box with paper memos that you can put on your desk. This is probably the most original from all Korean pop items you can get.

The biggest sellers of all these products are:

  • YG Entertainment
  • SM Entertainment
  • JYP Entertainment

A nice Kpop T-shirt for everyone

As a fan of South Korean music you're probably in need of a cool thing you could wear. You will find a selection of fashion on Spreadshirt for example. Black, white or pink - you can choose the color you want.

Bangtan Boys concert light stick

The original merch is what every fan want to have. The perfect example of a thing that is in demand is a light stick that you can use during concerts. The most popular of them is probably BTS's 'torch' that you can easily get from their official store.

Big Bang 'Good Boy' hoodie

Two members of Big Bang - GD and Taeyang - released a song called 'Good Boy' back in the day and they shared with their fans with this awesome hoodie with the song title on front. This is an official merchandise from their website. It's still available so you can get it and add it to your collection.

Bangtan Boys (BTS)


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